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I am conscious that there's a slight gap since my last, juicer post! This is not through any lack of subject matter. If anything it's the reverse; I am almost overwhelmed by subjects to write about.

I walk down the street, I lie in the bath, and they come flooding in.   So, to maintain interest and give my reader or two a chance to shape my output (in keeping with our 2.0 world) I've decided to write about what I'm thinking of writing about. You can now express a preference for what should come next! Read on.

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Health -- get a juicer!

Though first make sure you have decent sewers!

It's widely accepted that the biggest single advance in public health came with mains drainage and the realisation that it wasn't so clever to empty your chamber pots out of the upstairs window into the streets below.

So assuming, you have the basics in place, then I wish to suggest that the next biggest advance will be seen in the future to be the invention of the juicing machine!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 January 2013 16:34

a softer, gentler mantra

Stay hungry! -- for new experiences,

Stay angry! -- about injustice.

It led me in 2005 to the Centre for Development Studies overlooking the massive sweep of Swansea Bay, to take a master's degreee in Social Development. I emerged transmogrified; changed from an irreverent, questing former BBC journalist to an ardent advocate of "participatory development".

*    move slowly,

*    sit,

*    listen!

Not a bad approach, if you want to understand the world and make a few improvements! And as a modus operandi it works well, alongside the shock doctrine of stay-hungry!

Last Updated on Friday, 04 January 2013 15:57

'Before I get old'

This is the name of a play rather than a late-middle age wish list!  I knew the playwright as 'Crusty' Baker and went to school with him. Now Christopher Edmund, he's a senior drama lecturer in W Australia.

The play's a near perfect evocation of the mood and anxieties of my teenage years, the places, the names, the fears, the poignancy; though it's clear Crusty knew a lot more girls a lot better than I did at that time!

Last Updated on Friday, 04 January 2013 12:00

getting angry . . .

In the mid noughties I went back to university, to take a master's degree in Social Development. Partly it reflected my change of direction away from pure journalism, but it was also about putting things in focus. I had a great time, was re-politicised and I produced a dissertation (in March 2007) that remains important to me!  

 Free Media are Essential for Development; can they exist?  An examination of the relationship between media and development in a globalising world.

Last Updated on Monday, 07 January 2013 15:43

strange encounter with a perpetual motivator

 "Hey, that really, really suits you! You look like a sailor, a macho sailor!"

I'd never seen the guy before.  And the location of this high-end clothes outlet, overlooking Amsterdam's old Wood Harbour might well, I thought, explain the comment. But he was with his girl-friend, who was nodding in agreement. And I was, pretty obviously, with mine.

He didn't leave it at that. He wasn't going to be happy until I'd bought the jacket.
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funny name for a blog!

. . . there's a history here; I can almost trace it back to mid-Wales and the early 70s, when I was living on a 'tiny-holding' in Abermule, informed and inspired by John Seymour's 'Self-Sufficiency' and the Whole Earth Catalogue; words and ideas that have stayed with me (see below).
The 'mantra' (and the domain name!) is original. I came up with it in early 2011, looking at over-weight, rather smug contemporaries. Stay Hungry! Stay Angry! a sort of code that you can live by . . . 
Last Updated on Sunday, 25 November 2012 19:55

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