. . . for my kids. . . and good friends

I really am back now. . .

. . . from an over-long visit to the real world and a prolonged, continuing excursion to the weird world of social media. Plus, somewhat unexpectedly I've had some fascinating and time-consuming work assignments tossed in my direction.

Since I ran out of blogging energy and inspiration I've been to Jordan twice and I've been wrestling with (and privately blogging about) some non-obvious choices concerning my mother now 92 and still fiercely independent.  This is in addition to my seduction into the world of Facebook, which I'd pointedly snubbed for the first nine years of its life (and it only began in February 2004).  As you know, I blame my bedouin friend in Wadi Rum

Does all this mean that blogging is an activity for those with nothing else to do? I'm not sure but at the moment, I'm coming to believe it sits quite comfortably alongside picture-based Facebook -- look at Jordan Holiday Blog in the top right corner above and then compare and contrast with: 





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