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'Before I get old'

This is the name of a play rather than a late-middle age wish list!  I knew the playwright as 'Crusty' Baker and went to school with him. Now Christopher Edmund, he's a senior drama lecturer in W Australia.

The play's a near perfect evocation of the mood and anxieties of my teenage years, the places, the names, the fears, the poignancy; though it's clear Crusty knew a lot more girls a lot better than I did at that time!

Remember I'm writing this partly for my own kids, the youngest of whom is now 20, so they've all been through their own over-heated, incomprehensible adolescence. I thought they might enjoy comparing some of these word pictures and images with their own experiences.

And for everyone else, it will light up a few old memories, dragging into the daylight embarrassments and excitements we thought we'd hidden well away, for ever. Or else, younger readers can marvel at how far we've come, or not come!

it was a time of transition, from the shadows of the second World War:

"How many gears has an Italian tank got?

How many?

One forward, three reverse!"

Through the goons and the size of Errol Flynn's penis and the swinging sixties into the world we've created now. A time, of course, of sexual awakening:

"You know my advice with women?


Something my cousin told me. Keep your nails short.


Dunno, just something my cousin told me."

We think our past is gone for good but no; unnervingly, it's all still there inside us, covertly shaping who we are and what we do; no real escape. Thanks Crust!


Very soon I hope to have a link here to the play, so you can enjoy it all for yourselves.  Here it is!!

Before I get old -- the play 

You can also email me or the playwright himself and ask for a copy.    Chris Edmund




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